This list is Not meant to be comprehensive, but more a sampling of suggested listening.  That said I would still love to hear about any CD, DVD or book you think should be listed here, just drop me an email. CD titles are linked to where applicable. Selections marked with a (*) are ones I own or have heard and recommend personally.

Flook - *Haven, Rubai and *Flatfish

 Joe Mckenna - The Irish Low Whistle

   Brendan Ring - *Troublesome Things

Michael McGoldrick -*Wired, Fused

Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry - At First Light

James McNallyEverybreath

Lunasa -*The Kinnitty Sessions, *Otherworld, The Merry Sisters of Fate

Davy Spillane - The sea of Dreams, a place among the stones

Moving Hearts - The Storm

Fraser Fifield - Honestwater

Cormac Breatnach - Musical Journey, Music for Whistle and Guitar

John McSherry - *Tripswitch

Phil Hardy
- Low Whistle, Whistleworks

Eamonn Dillon - Storm the Kettle

Eoin Duignan - Coumineol


     Steafan Hannigan and David Ledsam
- The Low Whistle Book

Mel Bay - Ireland's Best Slow Airs

Tomas O. Canainn - Traditional Slow Airs of Ireland

Low Whistle         Video Links

Ceird and Cheoil -  Irish TV program, documentary on Low whistles
                Episode 5 part 1
                Episode 5 part 2
                Episode 5 part 3
                Episode 5 part 4

Flook -  Wrong Foot Forward
               Live in Cornwall 

Michael McGoldrick - Solo Low whistle
                                        The Silver Spire
                                        Farewell to Uist - with Fred Morrison on an MK low D
                                        McGoldrick, McCusker, Doyle trio - some gorgeous low whistle work

Cormac Breatnach - Kilmainham gaol video
                                       Si Beag Si mor
                                        w/ Steve Cooney and Donal Lunny
Seamus Egan w/Solas - Grassroots Festival, NY  Seamus starts blazing away on a Copeland low whistle about a third of the way through, killer!

Brendan Ring - Armagh piping festival  For those of you that think the low whistle is only for airs.
John McSherryMesquer Festival  Get your grove on!

Fraser Fifield - Live in Gijon

Fredfredrik - Nail  What do you get when you mix a Dog, sunglasses, a cool hat and a Howard low whistle? If you guessed this, you hit the Nail on the head!

Lunasa - la session a Betz su mer  A veritable whistle choir.

Hatao - Overton Bass G It doesn't get any bigger than this!
              Overton Low D

Davy Spillane - Moving Hearts
                             May Morning Dew - The master at work

Paddy Keenan - low whistle tunes
                               the infamous "lonesome boatman"

Stephen Doherty & Zac Leger - set of reels