In case you haven't had enough yet, here are yet more links to Low whistle related websites!

The Chiff and Fipple - This site is such a wealth of information on the whistle that you have to wonder why anyone would bother to make another site about the instrument! One can spend weeks pluming the depths of the site. Features reviews of instruments, interviews with players and makers, as well as detailed symptoms of the disorder known as "WhOA" (Whistle Obsessive Acquisition disorder).

The Chiff and Fipple Forum -  If for some strange reason you can't find the answer to your pressing whistle questions on the main site, you can ask the whistle players, makers, enthusiasts and fellow "WhOA" sufferers from all over the world on the Forum!

Whistle This! - Probably the best idea for a website I have ever seen. Every few weeks a new whistle tune is posted with sheet music and a sound file. People then learn the tune and post a recording of themselves playing it, which other members can then critique. This is a great way for players to learn new tunes, get feed back on ones playing and hear how other people interpret the tunes. Another side benefit is that people post what type of whistle they made their recordings with, allowing one to hear a wide variety of whistles by different makers. The site also features some instrument reviews and beginning whistle lessons in movie format.

The Session - While not strictly a whistle site, The Session is a great place to go to find and share ITM tunes.

- Manufacturer of custom whistle cases, including the "sassoprofundo", a case made especially for low whistles.

World Flutes - The webmaster of this sites personal page.

The Low-Tech Whistle: How to make a PVC whistle
- Excellent, detailed instructions on how to build whistles out of PVC, including Low whistles!

Whistle Distributors
While you can usually order whistles directly from the maker/manufacturer, there are some distributors that carry a wide range of different makers whistles in stock and ready to ship. This can be a great alternative to languishing on a makers waiting list!

Big Whistle Music (UK)- Carries Alba, Chieftain, Dixon, Howard, Overton, Reviol, Shaw, Silkstone, Susato, Sweetheart

Ozwhistles (Austrailia)- 
Burke, Chieftain/Kerry, Dixon, Overton, Reviol, Shaw, MK, Sweetheart, Syn

Hobgoblin music (UK&USA) - 
Overton, Chieftain/Kerry, Alba, Howard, Susato, Dixon

The Irish Flute store (USA)-
 Reviol, Copeland, Sweetheart, Burke, also has a pre-owned flute and whistle section with great deals. 

Lark in the Morning (USA) - 
Chieftain/Kerry, Howard, Susato, T&G
Song of the Sea (USA) - 
Chieftain, Copeland, Overton, Burke, Susato, Jubilee

Whistle and Drum (USA) - 
Dixon, Reviol, Silkstone, and Susato